Already a Jukebox Operator for Your Bar? Add a Vape Vending Machine as Well

For bar owners, maximizing the use of your space with profitable amenities that enhance the customer experience is a no-brainer. If you're already operating a jukebox, adding a vape vending machine can be a strategic move. It can help boost your revenue and cater to the evolving needs of your patrons. Here's why and how integrating a vape vending machine could be a lucrative addition to your bar.

Complementary Services That Increase Passive Revenue

Jukeboxes and vape vending machines serve distinct but complementary roles in a bar setting. While the jukebox enhances the ambiance and entertains your customers, a vape vending machine can cater to a growing demographic that seeks convenience and instant gratification. Offering these two services together can create a more dynamic and engaging environment. It encourages patrons to spend more time and money at your venue that isn't just on booze. Both options also require minimal work from your on-site personnel. The vending machine can be restocked at the end of the night and the juke box money can be collected at the same time.

Vapor Products Target the Modern Consumer

The demographic that enjoys the nostalgia and interaction of a jukebox is often open to other modern conveniences like vaping. With the rising popularity of vaping, particularly in nightlife settings, providing a vending machine that offers vaping products meets a direct consumer need. This addition ensures that patrons who vape have access to their products without leaving the comfort of your bar. It both increases their satisfaction and your profits. Striving for unique features like this can also help make your bar more appealing as it offers unique services. Vape vending machines are still in their early days but the potential for profit from them is overwhelming. 

Wall Mounted Machines are Both Cost-Effective and Space-Efficient

Adding a vape vending machine does not require extensive space or renovation. These machines can be compact and are designed to fit seamlessly into existing layouts without disrupting the current setup. Furthermore, vape vending machines require minimal maintenance. They can be managed with the same ease as jukeboxes, making them a low-effort, high-return investment. Repairs for them can be completed with ease in case of accident. We actually offer spare vending machine parts in our store so you don't have to go to a third party for repairs. You can pick up extra vapes to restock your wares at wholesale prices and pickup new parts and accessories at the same time.

Our Machines Offer Legal Compliance and Age Verification

Modern vape vending machines come equipped with advanced technology for age verification. This ensures that only legally aged individuals can purchase vaping products. This feature helps bar owners comply with local and federal laws, reducing the risk of fines or legal issues. By providing a safe and regulated way for patrons to purchase vaping products, you also enhance the credibility and reputation of your establishment. We have a demo showcasing how age verification systems work for our vape vending machines right here. If you’re curious about local state laws for vape vending machines, we also have a page with links to each state’s laws on both vape usage and sales.

Together You Can Offer an Enhanced Customer Experience

The addition of a vape vending machine can significantly enhance the customer experience by providing a wider range of services. For patrons who vape, the convenience of accessing these products on-site adds value to their visit, potentially increasing customer loyalty. This convenience can be a deciding factor for customers choosing between your venue and another.

Machines Offer Great Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Introducing a vape vending machine opens new avenues for marketing and promotions. For example, you could offer special promotions offering jukebox credits with purchases from the vape machine. This not only boosts sales but also creates a fun and interactive experience for your customers. It encourages them to engage more with both the jukebox and the vape machine. Just have them show the bartender the purchase of a vape to get a free jukebox credit.

Automated Machines Help Streamline Your Operations

For bar owners already familiar with the operations of electronic machines like jukeboxes, incorporating a vape vending machine is a straightforward process. The operational demands are similar, and many vendors provide full-service options. This can include restocking and maintenance, minimizing the workload on your staff and ensuring that the machine is always functioning optimally. If you don't want to do that, maintenance isn't a difficult process. Restocking, cleaning and changing parts is relatively straightforward.

Give Your Bar a Competitive Edge

In a competitive nightlife market, bars must continuously innovate to attract and retain customers. By offering unique amenities like a vape vending machine alongside a jukebox, your bar stands out as a forward-thinking, customer-oriented venue. This not only attracts more customers but can also position your bar as a trendsetter in the nightlife industry. It's still early days for vape vending machines but they're rapidly growing in popularity. With options like our team at VapeTM, it's easy to get a new machine installed, up and running and supplied with vapes at wholesale prices. 

Hosting Both a Jukebox and A Vape Vending Machine Can Be a Lucrative Opportunity

Integrating a vape vending machine into your bar, particularly if you already operate a jukebox, is a strategic move. It's a choice that can enhance your revenue, customer satisfaction, and market competitiveness. It's a synergy that taps into modern lifestyle trends while respecting the operational ease and space considerations typical of nightlife venues. As the market for vaping products continues to grow, being one of the first bars in your area to offer this convenience could set you apart and solidify your reputation as a top choice for nightlife. If you're looking to set up a new vape vending machine, you can browse our catalogue and improve your bar's income.

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