CEO and Founder

Jordan Brown

Jordan grew up in the coin-operated amusement business and grew a local ATM route to over 700 ATMs.  In late-2020, Jordan and his family sold the ATM part of the business and Jordan went to work for PAI, which was at the time, the largest privately held ATM company in the US.  Shortly after the sale, PAI was acquired by Brinks, and Jordan stayed on and was later promoted to run the Small Retail Placement business, serving as VP and running a sales organization and P&L for over 10,000 ATMs nationwide.  Jordan left PAI to pursue his dreams and is fully dedicated to VapeTM and the success of his customers.

Investor and Advisor

Greg Brown

Greg Brown is a former board member of AMOA (Amusement Machine Operators Association) and has owned B&B Music with Jordan’s father for over 30 years.  In addition to selling a 700-unit ATM and Bitcoin ATM portfolio to PAI, Greg has had tremedous success in outside restaurant investments including Town Hall in Cleveland, OH.  Greg began working and mentoring Jordan in 2009 and today, their collective energy and passion play a critical role in the culture and success of the organization.  Over the years, Greg has become extremely well-networked and his advisory role and rolodex is a huge asset for VapeTM.

Mark Trumbull

Mark Trumbull worked for B&B Music for roughly 10 years and accompanied Jordan with the PAI acquisition.  He is an expert in VTM hardware, software, installation, troubleshooting, and support and plays a critical role in the support of our VTM channel partners.

Director of Partner Support

Brittani Brown

With a foundation as a dental assistant and experience overseeing five dental offices as a Regional Director, Brittani has finely tuned her organizational skills. Transitioning to the retail sector, she managed a designer jewelry counter at Nordstrom, gaining expertise in marketing and customer relations. In her current role as Director of Partner Support, Brittani specializes in organizing industry-specific trade shows, utilizing her diverse background for efficient and successful events. Recognizing the crucial role of organization and detail in the alternative nicotine and vapor products industry, Jordan values Brittani's attention to detail. Brittani will play a primary support role for channel partners and actively participate in upcoming trade shows.