Vape Sales Margin Analysis for New Vending Machine Owners

Vape Margin Analysis for New Vending Machine Owners

This is our generalized vape vending machine margin analysis. This is an essential resource for entrepreneurs and investors interested in the market of vape vending machines. We've set out to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs, revenues, and profit margins associated with different sale prices of vapes. By examining the unit costs, applicable taxes, merchant commissions, and credit card fees, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial growth. Whether you're planning to deploy one machine or scale up to multiple units, the insights here will help you forecast the profitability of your vending machine operations. This is here to help you make informed decisions tailored to optimizing returns in this dynamic market.

Sale Price Breakdown

This table breaks down the components of the sale price for vapes sold at different price points. It includes the cost of the vape itself, applicable taxes, merchant commissions, and credit card fees, culminating in the final unit margin.


Sale Price




Vape Cost




County Sales Tax - 8%




Special/Excise Tax -OH $0.10/ML




Merchant Commission – 10% of Gross




CC Fees – 3% + $0.20




Unit Margin





Annualized Operating Profit per Machine

This table shows the projected annual operating profit per vape machine based on daily sales volumes of 1, 2, or 5 vapes. These figures help understand the potential profitability per machine at varying levels of customer purchasing frequency.


Number of Vapes Sold

1 Vape

2 Vapes

5 Vapes














Note: This is for illustrative purposes only, but closely coincides with market trends and resembles actual fees and pricing. Unit margins often fluctuate between $6-$10 depending on product selection, pricing, and merchant commission.