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VTM - Vape Tower (Vape Vending Machine)

VTM - Vape Tower (Vape Vending Machine)

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Enhance your business with the VapeTM Vape Tower Vending Machine, a smart solution designed for modern vending needs. Featuring 18 aisles capable of holding up to 216 vapes, this machine offers a diverse selection of flavors and brands. The 32” touchscreen monitor ensures an intuitive user experience, while the robust metal casing with a double locking mechanism provides added security. Integrated with an Android board, WiFi receiver, and Nayax Cellular card reader, this smart vending machine features age verification and facial recognition technology, ensuring secure and compliant transactions. Its advanced features and seamless operation make it a top choice for efficient and effective vending. It's the perfect size when you don't want a vending machine to take over a space but enough to catch a patron's eye. They're a perfect choice for a first time vape vending machine host getting started.

  • 18 aisles x 12 = 216 vapes, 18 flavors/brands.
  • Metal casing 1.8mm thick with double locking mechanism
  • 32” touchscreen monitor with high brightness and brightness adjustability
  • Android Board with WiFi receiver and high-gain antenna
  • Nayax Cellular card reader with Verizon Sim + onboarding instructions
  • Web Application and Mobile App training and support
  • Software integrated age verification and facial recognition.  Enablement can be set by time and machine (23 cents per trx)
  • 1 Year VapeTM Warranty and support


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