Integrate A New Vape Vending Machines into Existing Vending Spaces

As businesses increasingly recognize the benefits of vending machines in providing convenient services and generating passive income, vape vending machines are becoming a popular addition. These specialized vending machines cater to a growing market of vapers. They offer a range of e-cigarettes, vape juices, and accessories. Integrating vape vending machines into spaces that already house snack, drink, or other types of vending machines can be a worthwhile upgrade. You can find a model that works for you with considerations for space, consumer convenience, and legal compliance. Here's how you can effectively add vape vending machines to your existing vending machine lineup.

Understanding the Demand and Legal Considerations of Vape Vending Machines

Before introducing a vape vending machine to your location, it’s crucial to assess the demand among your customer bases. This involves understanding the preferences and needs of your customers who vape. Additionally, you must ensure all legal requirements are met, as many regions have specific regulations regarding the sale of vaping products, including age restrictions and permitted locations. If you're unsure about this, we have compiled a list of different state regulations and information on both vending machines and vaping for you to browse. 

For Tighter Spaces There are Wall-Mounted and Compact Models

If space is a constraint, consider wall-mounted or compact models of vape vending machines. These machines are designed to maximize the utility of limited spaces, such as narrow hallways or alongside existing vending machines without requiring extensive floor space. Wall-mounted units can be particularly advantageous in areas with high foot traffic but limited floor space. We offer a mini vending machine model with 10 aisles of vapes for those who are really struggling with space. 

Full-Size Vending Machines Are Perfect for Larger Venues

For locations with more space, such as shopping malls or large recreational facilities, full-size vending machines are ideal. These machines offer a broader range of products and can serve more customers simultaneously. Full-size machines can also showcase your brand well with custom made backgrounds and home screens sprawling across the display. They can provide both a user-friendly experience and a great advertising opportunity for your business.

You Can Integrate Them into Your Current Vending Machine Setup

Position your vape vending machine next to or in close proximity to other machines that attract similar demographics. They go well with coffee or snack machines often frequented by adults. This strategic placement can enhance the visibility of your new offering and encourage impulse purchases from consumers already engaged in buying from adjacent machines. You can also include them by juke boxes in adult entertainment venues. Make it easy to pick a song and pick up a disposable vape for a social smoke.

Custom Home Screens on Vape Vending Machine Help Maintain Your Brand

Ensure that the design and branding of your vape vending machine are consistent with the existing vending machines. This helps maintain a cohesive look that can be more aesthetically pleasing and professional. Branding consistency also reinforces brand recognition and trust among customers. You can make both an appealing homepage and an image that solidifies your brand.

New Vape Vending Machines Offer Advanced Age Verification Technology

Given the strict regulations surrounding the sale of vape products, incorporating advanced age verification technology is essential. Modern vape vending machines come equipped with enhanced security features to help with this. VapeTM machines offer options such as ID scanners or facial recognition technology. With these your machine can ensure that the products are only sold to customers meeting the legal age requirement. You don't need staff to watch the machine as a result.

Remote Monitoring and Management Keeps Personnel Working Elsewhere

Vape vending machines can be integrated into a network for easy monitoring and management. This technology allows you to keep track of sales data, inventory levels, and machine functionality remotely. It reduces the need for frequent onsite visits and manual checks. As well this means that you can make changes to the machine remotely such as changing the home screen. 

Start By Offering Promotional Deals to Get People Talking

Introduce promotional offers for the vape machine's products to boost initial sales. This can include discounts or offers if someone were to buy multiple vapes at once. It doesn't have to be a major sale but enough to get people excited about the machine. Once people are aware or discussing the machine then this has been a successful advertising campaign.

Post Online to Let People Know About It

Utilize targeted advertising through social media or digital platforms to reach potential customers who are likely to be interested in vaping products. Advertising can also be done on the machines themselves. Modern VapeTM vending machines offer custom home screens for their digital displays. They'll showcase product information and promotions currently running. As well, the machine itself serves as advertising for your business. With a custom-made home screen, it can showcase your brand any time someone goes to even interact with a neighboring candy machine.

Vapors Products are a Core Part of the Future of Vending Machines

Adding a vape vending machine to a space with existing vending units can significantly enhance your service offerings. It offers an additional passive income source with great margins when you buy vapes at wholesale prices. By choosing the right machine type, ensuring compliance with legal standards, and strategically placing and promoting the machine, you can seamlessly integrate this modern vending solution into your current setup. It can increase both customer satisfaction and revenue.

By thoughtfully planning the integration of vape vending machines into your business, you can cater to a niche market while complementing your existing vending services. It makes your location a one-stop-shop for a broader range of convenience products. If you're looking to install a vending machine into your business browse our online catalogue of vapor machines. If you already have one, we also offer e-cigarette products at wholesale prices.

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