1. Can I sell other things besides disposable vapes?
Yes, you can sell basically anything!  We have many different size coils to fit most products.  Whether you wish to sell tobacco or cigarettes, ZYN or nicotine pouches or tobacco pouches, Pokemon cards, baseball cards, makeup, lipstick, wigs, CBD, THC, Marijuana, Hemp, Gummies, cigarettes…you name it and we can most likely vend it and support the transaction.
  1. Do we have age verification on our Vape Vending Machines?

Many people ask about how we verify age or use ID scanners to make sure customers are of legal age to purchase a vape.  The short answer is, yes.  We have age verification on our Vape Vending kiosks.

How Age Verification Transaction Works:

  1. Customer clicks "buy" to purchase a vape
  2. A QR code pops up on the display and instructs the customer to use their cell phone to scan the QR Code that is presented
  1.     Customer is taken to a secure website in which case they scan the front and back of their drivers license
  2. A picture of their face is taken for facial recognition using the camera on their phone
  3. Customer is approved to continue with purchase
  1.     Is Age verification required by law?

Age verification may not always be required by state law (as of May, 2024).  The technology is relatively new and many states have yet to revise or amend their statues as it pertains to the application or use of third-party age verification via technology such as software and QR codes, text messaging, and/or biometric verification such as fingerprinting, palm readers, retina/eye-scanners, and facial recognition.  We encourage you to review state laws (https://vapetm.com/pages/state-laws) and consult or check with your local attorney to review statutes and legal language around age-verification and vending Vapes or vapor products. 


  1.     Should I enable age verification and facial recognition?

Enabling age verification and facial recognition or other biometric age-verifying techniques may mitigate risk of selling vapes to someone underage so this is a personal-business decision and we advise you to speak with your local attorney to understand the laws and liability around selling vapes to underage.  Youth prevention is important and we encourage all operators to adopt business practices with this in mind.


  1.     What is required by law to operate Vape Vending kiosks?

Many states require that vending machines be placed in 21-plus establishments and/or be under the supervision of employees or management.  Please check state statues and speak with your local attorney.   (https://vapetm.com/pages/state-laws).  Federal law prohibits the sales of ENDS devices or ENDS products to people under twenty one years old (legal age).


  1. What if vape vending laws change?

VapeTM works with outside counsel to ensure that we are tax compliant and to ensure we understand the implications, liability, and risk associated with Vape Vending.  We stay current with pending bills, litigation, legal changes, and lobbyist efforts around the vapor industry and continue to make improvements to our technology, software, and business practices to stay ahead of the curve and remain compliant.   Additionally, we partner with reputable third-party age verifying provider(s) so that we can adapt with legal changes and offer customization to operators in different states or jurisdictions.  


  1.     Do I Need a license or permit to sell vapes in vending machines?

Some states require licenses or permits to vend alternative nicotine products or electronic cigarettes.  Once again, please review your states statues and consult with an attorney.


  1.     Are vapes and e-cigs considered tobacco products?

Not all states define alternative nicotine or e-cigarettes in their tobacco statues and different states have different words to describe ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems).  Click on your state to see how your state characterizes vapor products. (https://vapetm.com/pages/state-laws)


Different keywords used to describe vapes:

  • ENDS or Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (FDA uses this definition)
  • Vapor Products
  • Vapes
  • Vapor Devices
  • Disposable Vapes or Disposable vapor products
  • Self-contained or closed nicotine cartridges
  • ENDS
  • E-Cigarettes or E-cigs or Electronic Cigarettes
  • Alternative nicotine
  • Nicotine pouches
  • Nicotine Pens

  1.     What is the difference between a traditional snack-vending machine and a vape vending machine?

VapeTM Vending Machine VS. Traditional Snack Vending Machine

Vape Vending Machines are traditional vending machines in the sense that they require product replenishment and take payment from customers in exchange for product (ie. disposable vape).  The main differences is that our machines are software-based and online lending to the term "Smart Vending".  Other differences lie in the asthetics, payment platforms, and age-verification technology.  See Chart below.



VapeTM Vending Machine

Traditional Vending Machine


32" LCD Touchscreen

Glass window 


Disposable Vapes, ZYN, etc.



Credit/Debit/Apple Pay

Bills and coin 

Profit Margins

>$10 per device 



Remote management  online


Age Verification

Optional and customizable


Refund ability

Automatic + Manual override



  1.     What are the key software features to VapeTMsoftware.com

VapeTM Software- Key Features

  1. Real time sales data by aisle good
  2. Sales reports and data analysis
  3. Product and pricing changes
  4. Remote digital media management
  5. Ability to pass on sales-tax by machine by aisle good -fully customizable 
  6. Live support and remote log-in ability 
  7. Developed around operator mindset 
  8. Centered around uptime, functionality, and customer experience 

To see a live demo of our software, please schedule a video call with a VapeTM Software Support Specialist. Email jordan@vapetm.com

11. How big is the USA Vape Industry?

~$10 billion dollar market

~85% retail and 15% online

  • trending to $60 billion by 2030


12.How much are disposable vapes and how much do they sell for?

 Wholesale cost of vapes: $4-$9 depending on product

Retail price of vapes: $15-$30 depending on product and market

What to expect on average:

Expect to buy premium popular vapes at around $8.50 per vape and sell them for approximately $25. 

See Margin Analysis - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0855/5869/0100/files/Vape_Margin_Anaylsis.jpg?v=1704825211

There are hundreds of vape distributors across the United States.  These companies are low-margin, volume-based businesses and rely on moving a lot of product to make money.  Customers are free to purchase products where they like, but we have relationships and access to great pricing so that you can maximize profitability across your machine sales.  

 The retail market varies by state and sometimes region.  The best way to learn products, popularity, and pricing trends is to visit several local smoke shops and buy a few vapes for your friend.  Do not rely on your friend or relative.  The local smoke shops have more data and more knowledge.   


  1. What is the future of Vape Vending and how much money do they make on average?


 Unlike ATMs which are saturated across every gas station, c-store, bar, and laundromat, there are tens of thousands of establishments across the country that do not have a VTM (Vape Transaction Machine).  E-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine pouches and devices are still fairly new.  Vape Vending exploded in Europe several years ago and it has made its way to the United States.  Machines are common, but the market is relatively unsaturated.  In 3-6-9 months this can very well change, but we are at the precipice of being early to a multi-billoin dollar market.  


  1. What are the best locations?


Nobody has a crystal ball and there are many profitable applications for Vape Vending.  From experience and data, good locations generate over $1,500 per month in revenue.  Many locations do double or triple that.  Some key characteristics that many of these locations share:

  1. Sell and serve alcohol late-night hours
  2. Busy location in terms of headcount and revenue
  3. Young demographic (21-40 years olds)
  4. Machine is in a highly-visible location
  5. Popular brands and product (this is critical) 


  1. Can I Become a Vape Vending Distributor?

In the event you wish to become a distributor and resell VTMs or Vape Vending equipment, please fill email Jordan@VapeTM.com and provide interested cities and business model details along with projections.