Unlocking Revenue Streams with The Unexpected Places for Vape Vending Machines

The vaping industry is booming, and businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to capitalize on this growing market. Vape vending machines offer a unique opportunity to expand your product offerings. Their goal is to increase convenience for customers, and ultimately, boost your bottom line. But where exactly can you install these machines? You might be surprised!

Let's go over the vast potential of vape vending machines. We'll venture beyond traditional retail settings to uncover strategic locations across various industries. We'll also go over the importance of age verification technology and how it ensures responsible sales practices.

Vapes are an everyday item for many people so there are few locations that wouldn't be perfect. Here are some regular locations that they feel right at home in.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations Offer Overwhelming Foot Traffic

These high-traffic locations are natural fits for vape vending machines. Customers on the go can grab a quick vape refill or try a new flavor without waiting in line. It's an easy add on to getting gas in the evening on the way home from work. Vape vending machines can be included both near an entrance or in the bathrooms. Vape vendors in bathrooms helps improve the anonymous nature of vending machines while keeping the sale legal with ID scanners.

Bars and Other Entertainment Venues That Serve Alcohol (21+) Can Expand Their Offerings

Bars, nightclubs, and adult entertainment facilities often cater to an audience that might enjoy vaping options from vending machines. Strategically placed vending machines can provide a convenient way for customers to satisfy this need. In fact, having it be a 21+ location is a requirement in states such as Texas for using vape vending machines. Despite the fact that they have an age checker, you may not be able to install it in many other businesses in these states. If you want more information on state laws for vaping, sales and vending machines, you can find a comprehensive list here.

Dispensaries Are a Perfect Space for Vending Machines

Many adult users find vaping to be a complementary experience to consuming cannabis products. Vape vending machines in dispensaries can offer a curated selection of cartridges, coils, and batteries, catering to a specific customer base. This doesn't take away from having staff behind a counter. Vending machines allow for a more anonymous point of sale while also reducing on potential lines. It helps customers who want to quickly pop in and out of a dispensary.

Social Clubs and Private Lounges Can Gain from Discreet and Anonymous Vape Vending Machines

Private social clubs and lounges frequented by adults can benefit from vape vending machines. These machines offer a discreet and convenient way for members to access vaping products within their preferred environment.

Music Venues and Concert Halls Can Gain from Options that Aren't Alcohol

During breaks or between sets, concert-goers of legal age might appreciate the option to purchase vape products from a conveniently located vending machine. It can help deter use of illegal products during concerts and increase revenue for venues. 

Hotels and Casinos Can Support Travelers Looking to Unwind

Catering to a diverse clientele, hotels and casinos can benefit from vape vending machines strategically placed in adult-only areas. This can be particularly attractive for travelers who might have forgotten their vaping supplies. Convenient vaping vendors are both a great tool for a weary traveler looking to unwind and a gambler celebrating their wins.

Tattoo Parlors and Piercing Studios Can Increase Daily Revenue with Minimal Overhead

Similar to dispensaries, these establishments cater to an audience that might appreciate the option to purchase vape products. Strategically placed machines can offer a convenient and discreet option. As well, they bring clientele in during slower days ensuring a constant revenue stream.

Truck Stops and Rest Areas Offer Drivers Much Needed R&R When Off

Truck drivers and travelers often spend long hours on the road. Vape vending machines in designated areas at truck stops and rest areas provide a convenient solution for adults who vape. While use during driving isn't always legal (depending on vape content and state), they're a perfect way to rest between long drives. 

Age-Restricted/Smoking Areas in Airports Can Offer Travelers More Options

Airports offer a captive audience with limited access to traditional vape shops. Strategically placed machines in designated adult areas within the airport (such as bars or lounges) can cater to travelers seeking vaping products.

Age Verification Technology Ensures Responsible and Legal Sales

While vape vending machines offer numerous benefits, responsible sales practices are paramount. Thankfully, age verification technology plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with local regulations. Here's how it works:

  • ID Scanners: Vape vending machines can be equipped with sophisticated ID scanners that read government-issued IDs like driver's licenses or passports.
  • Age Verification Software: The scanned ID information is then processed by secure age verification software that checks the user's age against a national database.
  • Real-Time Verification: This verification process happens in real-time, ensuring only legal-aged adults can complete a purchase.

The benefits for this are clear and allow vape vending machines to be legal in many states.

  • Compliance with Regulations: By utilizing age verification, businesses safeguard themselves from potential legal repercussions and fines associated with selling vaping products to minors.
  • Responsible Business Practices: Employing age verification technology demonstrates a commitment to responsible sales practices, fostering trust with your customers and local authorities.
  • Reduced Risk of Fraud: ID scanners can also help prevent fraudulent use of IDs, further protecting your business.

A Few Considerations Before Installing a New Electronic Cigarette Vending Machine

  • Local Regulations: Always research and comply with all local and state laws regarding the sale of vaping products. Regulations may vary depending on your location.
  • Machine Visibility: Choose a well-lit and visible location with high foot traffic from your target audience.
  • Security Measures: Modern and smart machines offer built-in security features like tamper-proof cash drawers and reinforced doors. You can also add cameras to the location to ensure the security of the machine itself.
  • Inventory Management: Monitor your inventory levels and restock machines regularly to ensure customer satisfaction. If your staff falls behind on this, it can lead to lost potential sales.

Unlock New Revenue Streams for Your Business with Vape Vending Machines

Vape vending machines offer a unique opportunity to expand your product offerings, increase convenience for customers, and boost your bottom line. By exploring unconventional yet strategic placement options, you can tap into new customer bases and cater to previously underserved markets. Remember that responsible sales practices are essential. Age verification technology ensures only legal-aged adults can access vaping products through your machines. This not only protects your business but also fosters trust with your customers and the community.By considering placement, age verification, and local regulations, vape vending machines can become a valuable asset. They offer a convenient and profitable way to meet the growing demand for vaping products. If your business is looking to gain a new revenue source, you can contact our team today to learn more about vape vending machines.We offer a wide range of high tech vending machines to meet your needs and vape products at wholesale prices to keep your margins high.

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