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32” LCD Touchscreen

32” LCD Touchscreen

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Enhance customer interactions by replacing your 32” LCD Touchscreen Monitor after it's seen a few too many scratches. This display solution offers a responsive and intuitive touchscreen interface that makes navigating through menus effortless and engaging. This serves as a great replacement for heavily used screens and is an investment in your continued profits! It's also perfect for businesses looking to modernize their service delivery, this monitor features a sleek design and vibrant display that captures attention and facilitates user-friendly experiences. This screen can be installed and used on any of our VapeTM vending machines available.

  • Smooth and responsive touch screen interaction enhances user engagement.
  • 32” screen provides ample space for displaying content vividly and clearly.
  • Modern aesthetics fit well in any business setting, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Perfect for high use vape vending machines or can be used on other interactive kiosks that requires user input.
  • This HD screen offers excellent resolution for sharp and clear visuals.
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