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Vapes Available Inside LED Sign

Vapes Available Inside LED Sign

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Make it known that you're ahead of the curve with this eye-catching LED sign. Designed to catch the eye and inform patrons of your advanced services, this sign is ideal for businesses equipped with vape vending machines. With its vibrant display and optimal 11" x 29" size, it serves not just as a sign but as a beacon, drawing in customers keen to access vapes conveniently. Perfect for any location looking to advertise their on-site vaping options and increase foot traffic effectively.

  • Bright LED lighting ensures your sign is seen, day or night.
  • Measures 11” x 29”, perfect for maximizing visibility without taking up too much space.
  • Attracts more customers by clearly advertising the availability of vapes via your vending machines.
  • Simple to set up and designed for hassle-free use in any business environment.
  • Uses LED technology for lower energy consumption with greater light output.
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